The Art of Flying

Level 1:

AcroYoga Fundamentals for beginners.

We offer playful, safe workshops where you can get used to flying, basing and spotting, to get you started with AcroYoga.

Level 2:

We will take your practice to new heights, by offering new postures, transitions, washing machines and tweaks for your existing practice. Pre-requisites: you must have attended a minimum of 4 AcroYoga classes, and being able to fly or base a (back)bird, (reverse)throne, star, side star without spotter, en some basic transitions and or washing machines.

24, 31 mei en 7 en 14 juni

Level 1: 16.00 uur, Level 2: 18.00 uur.

Level 1: 80 euro voor de reeks.
Level 2: 105 euro voor de reeks




16:00 - 20:00
Sanneke & Julian


Sanneke & Julian