3 classes of AcroYoga for all levels!
Have you wanted to try out AcroYoga for some time, or have you been practicing for a while? In both cases you’re welcome to join us for some fun, learning new things with, and from eachother! You don’t need to be strong, or flexible, and you can come without a partner.
We’re looking forward to watch you fly high!!
Time: 19.00/21.30
Dates: 13, 20 & 27 september
Compensation: €25 per class

*Please wear comfi clothing&bring some water. Mats are available.





19:00 - 21:30
Sanneke & Julian


Sanneke & Julian

Seven years ago, just after Julian & Sanneke’s paths crossed, they discoverd the magic of AcroYoga together. They soon realised that AcroYoga is so much more than accomplishing beautiful tricks. The whole proces of learning, connecting, communication and building trust intruiged them, and it inspired them to start sharing this beautiful practice with the world. Since three years they have started teaching the fundementals of AcroYoga, during summertime in Groningen, wintertime in Spain. Their aim is to spread joy and empower people by showing them that our bodies are capable of much more than we tend to believe. Besides teaching AcroYoga, they facilitate tantra workshops and both offer bodywork sessions, to help people become more aligned with their true path.