Tantric Living – 2 month program

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Tantra has deeply transformative effects. In this 2-month ‘Tantric Living’ program, we are going to explore, what Tantra can mean to you! We will dive deep, share, grow and play together.
The 1st ‘Tantric Living’ edition was a full success!
So now, Ruben and Helena open the doors again for the 2nd edition.

Together, with a committed group, we form a container for integrated growth where we support each other on the journey. On the mat, we go through the philosophy and practice of Tantra – basic and advanced methods (Embodiment & release practices, Breathwork, Gestaltpsychology…). Off the mat, you get homework exercises and meditation recordings to integrate the transformative teachings into your life.
We welcome you on a journey of exploring all experiences – joy, play, sensuality, as well as sadness, anger, and hardship.

The full beauty lies in the dance with all of them!

We welcome you to be with us 🙂


Dates: 2, 16, 30 May, 13 June, 24 June (full immersion day)
*note that only 13 June is hosted in EdanZ, all other dates are in de Poort, Groningen

€ 180 early Bird, € 220 regular
*note that this price is for the full program of 2 months

Aanmelden via Hipsy: https://hipsy.nl/event/9532-tantric-living-program
Of via: mail@integratedtantra.com


Integrated Tantra is a young flourishing organisation with the mission to bring transformative practices from the mat into everyday life. Ruben and Helena welcome you to be real, discover, and play!




18:30 - 22:00
Helena en Ruben


Helena en Ruben