Sangha Cafe│Mantra en Kirtan night

With Special Guests Shafiya Caroline Yao and Arman Armani

Let’s sing together!
…. mantras and prayers of all traditions and heart-felt songs – for celebrating life, love and joy, and feel the empowerment of re-connecting with your core! 

We sing easy mantras and sing-along-songs, no experience needed, just a curious open heart.
We sing in English, Sanskrit, Dutch, and other languages.

It’s a time for diving in sweetly with yourself and other warm-hearted people, and fill yourself with warmth and happiness.
Warm welcome!

~ ~ ~
About the singers:

Shafiya is on the Sufi path since 20 years, mantra singer, healer and Yogini, and lives since 2020 in her camper van, traveling through Europe and supporting people on the consciousness path with massages and sound healing.
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Arman Armani
I had a musical journey in different parts of Iran and India with Sufis and gurus who do their spiritual practices through music, so music, for me, also is an inner practice. Singing Raga is an internal travel, and through this travel, we will learn about ourselves, so let’s sing together and experience it.

Mantra and Kirtan singing is an ecstatic form of music in which we dive into the mystic power of the divine names and let us carry ourselves with this vibration to deeper parts of our consciousness.
With singing Mantra’s and Kirtan we can  learn to develop a love relationship with the Divine. Among other tools, meditation and music are two of the main vehicles to develop this relationship! We welcome you to experience this with us.

  • To participate, one does not need to be a talented musician.
  • You are welcome to bring your own mantra’s and input, it will be a co-creation!
  • You are welcome to just come and listen, singing along is not obliged.
  • There will be printed out papers with lyrics and chords.
  • Feel free to bring your instruments.
  • Donation Based.
  • You are not obliged to stay for the whole session, you can leave early if you want!

This activity goes really well with the Om Chanting that will happen before this workshop (check agenda) and we recommend to partake in both. You can also choose one of the two!

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19:30 - 21:30


Marten en Miek
Marten en Miek