Sangha Café │ Music Jam Night Sunday

Every Sunday Jamsession at Sangha Café!

Welcome to the Sangha Jam Sessions! At Sangha we intend to create a space where people can freely explore and connect through music, with no need to “perform” or “sound good”.

Rather than having strict rules or a “jam leader”, we trust in the principle of co-creation, meaning anyone can step into any role at any point to fit their mood and the current vibe of the jam. In this way you are welcome to stir up the whole jam into a new direction of your liking or just sit back and observe the process of music creation.

At Sangha there are no skill requirements, anyone is free to pick up any instrument and jam along, it’s all a learning process!!


See You at Sangha Tonight!

Sangha Café will be open as usual from 17:00 onwards, serving nice vegan food and all kinds of delicious drinks!

Besides this there will be open tables, connecting activities, games and art.






19:00 - 23:45
Marten en Miek


Marten en Miek