Safe Space by Neena | Community Event

Safe Space by Neena

Every Tuesday 19:00 – 21:00

Donation-based (donations go to the center)


Neena: “I would say I’m a helper. Professionally you would call me a psychologist but I don’t really like that label. I’m taking the classical/traditional route in psychology to get my license and registration to train to become a psychedelic assisted therapist in the future. I would at some point love to have my own retreat where people can reconnect with themselves and the universe. What I mostly see in my work is people disconnected from themselves and from others, that being the one thing in common, regardless of their background and present complaints.”


“What I’d like to offer is a listening ear, a safe space, a shoulder to cry on, or simply someone to just sit with you through it. Helping people is my way of connecting to myself and the universe, so this is not purely selfless work. 😋 I find it incredibly rewarding. Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself 😊”


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