Roar of Freedom


What is your relation to freedom? Do you often times feel limited, either by speaking your truth or to act differently than you are used to do, just and only by the fear of what others may think of you? And do you feel the time has come for a different voice, a more truthful one, authentically, to break these chains of your internalised conditioning and patterns, ready to start making a change? Are you ready to roar?

Yes, I myself am done with holding back. How much longer to wait? Until I die? Time passes so quickly, this may be any moment, one does never know. There is no tomorrow, only the present moment. So time to do something, now. Not on fighting the old, but building the new. This asks for a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone, for a dive into the unknown.


In this workshop I will guide you to explore your own personal relationship to freedom. To challenge and inspire you to discover and feel into it what is holding you back. How paradoxically this may sound, transformation begins with first fully acknowledging what we do want to change. That’s why we will focus on this exploration, to become more conscious, in depth, so that you will be able to take this awareness home with you. We will welcome everything, all kinds of emotions may show up, while fully honouring the other and yourself, at the same time. Freedom, in connection.


We will use mainly movement (either challenging or playfully), breath, and sound, in various practices, besides mediation, for this exploration. So essentially by doing, being, and sensing in awareness. We will be keep talking to a minimum, and only when it’s serving the process.

Practical Info

Date: Monday, 22 January 2021, 19.30-22.00
Participants: limited to a maximum of 6 men* (young adults especially invited!)
Location: Groningen
Investment: currently donation-based


*) If you are a woman and do feel a call, please send me an email as I’m considering to schedule another, similar version of this workshop.

To reserve a spot and receive more detailed, practical info, then send an email to
(yes, that’s right, without an initial ‘r’), together with a short indication of your personal motivation to attend this workshop.

About Rodin
Rodin has a passion for polarity, is a part-time bodyworker, has several years of experience in the field of tantra and men’s work, both as a participant and an assistent, and is currently participating in a wo-men group facilitator training at The School of Shakti.

“When your awareness becomes a fire, it will burn the whole slavery regime that your mind has created. No happiness is more precious than freedom or becoming a teacher of your own destiny.” ~Osho




19:30 - 22:00
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