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Primal Play: Authentic Meeting Point Workshop

For tickets, see: https://hipsy.nl/event/47768-primal-play-authentic-meeting-point-workshop

“Primal” = Authentic; “Play” = Meeting Point
Primal Play is about learning together how to feel safe in connection using embodied tools of breath, sound, movement and touch. Through slowing everything down, it provides a unique opportunity to experience deep connections with others beyond words. It allows you to explore your needs, desires, impulses, and boundaries within safe and guided play-rounds. The essence of Primal Play lies in authentic encounters, embracing a spectrum of experiences such as eye-gazing, cuddling, wrestling, dancing, and shared laughter or tears.

During this workshop we will engage in practices to regulate the nervous system and foster group attunement. We will focus on creating safety within in order to gently move into encounters with others. Everything during this workshop is an invitation and you are encouraged to move only as fast as your slowest part.

What to Expect:
⭐ Sharing circle
⭐ Embodiment practices
⭐ Basic nervous system and trauma education
⭐ Several rounds of guided Primal Play interactions
⭐ Co-regulation practices

🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity 🏳️‍🌈
I’m committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and affirming space free of discriminatory language and cis-heteronormative assumptions.

– no previous experience needed
– this is an event for consenting adults
– all genders a.k.a colors of the rainbow are welcome
– everything is an invitation, and you are always encouraged to use your discernment to either accept it, or decline it
– the space is open for singles and those in all forms of relating – always practice making clear agreements with your partners
– what happens on the mat, stays on the mat – any encounters in this event are meant as a conscious connection practice, not an opportunity to start a new romantic relationship; in other words – this isn’t a dating event
– all practices can be adjusted to your personal level of energy and physical mobility
– clothes stay on during the workshop

– please make sure you come sober (sensitive nervous systems will be affected by your altered state as we drop in together)
– wear comfortable clothing that allows for free movement + makes you feel cozy/sensual/relaxed
– do NOT wear perfume and be mindful of intense synthetic smells (lotions/hair products). Natural essential oils in moderation are ok
– please arrive 15 min early – doors close at the starting time

Paulina Bolek is an embodiment & self-connection guide, transformational events creator, certified circle facilitator, singer-songwriter, and intuitive web designer. Since 2016, she has dedicated herself to coaching and facilitating transformative spaces, fostering authentic self-expression, deep self-connection, intimacy, and embodied fulfillment. Her work is enriched by integrating the alchemical power of music and voice into her sessions. She anchors her work in heartfelt acceptance of the complexities of the human experience, infusing it with intuitive and deeply embodied energetic transmission.

Find more about Paulina and Primal Play here: http://www.paulinabolek.com/primalplay
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13:00 - 16:30

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Paulina Bolek
Paulina Bolek