Multicultural Fusion Dance Party – Serotonin

Welcome to Serotonin – the ultimate party experience that celebrates the natural “feel good” chemical in your brain! Our mission is to bring joy and happiness to Groningen through a series of special parties that showcase the city’s cultural diversity. Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique celebration of music, dance, and good food, all designed to enhance your mood and uplift your spirit.

Join us for our first party on 25-03-23 and experience the power of serotonin like never before! For 12 euros you can enjoy this serotonin-boosting party in a fun and uplifting environment! For quick deciders we have 20 tickets for 6 euro.

With a vibrant atmosphere, lively beats and delicious food, our party is the ultimate celebration of Groningen’s diverse culture. A great opportunity to get to know your fellow Groningers while having the time of your life. Get your tickets now and discover the power of serotonin in a fun and uplifting environment!

This party is a barefoot, no alcohol danceparty.

A donation based vegan meal is served from 18:00.

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20:00 - 23:55