Sangha Cafe │Movement Flow Jam

Explore the dimensions of your body and senses through playfulness, awareness, and creative movement. No experience is required. Totally beginner-friendly. Everyone is welcome, our goal is to enjoy moving together, and to turn our `little voices` down that makes us feel insecure about ourselves.
This workshop is about stepping out of your comfort zone to feel enjoyment. Our aim is to reach a “natural high” through movement. Getting stronger and gaining mobility is a natural consequence of this “play”. You will have access to tools that will help you check in to your body. You will experience more expansion and trust while dancing and moving through daily life. Enjoy the power of sober dancing and build your confidence while doing it. Stoked and curious? Join us at Sangha Café and discover that you and your body are more capable than you could possibly imagine.
This workshop is a fusion of contemporary dance, contact improvisation, yoga, animal movement, theatre, and group dynamics exercises. Expect to move, dance, and sweat a lot at the sound of energetic music.

Donation-based vegan dinner is served before and after the workshop, cooked by Sangha Café.

Tickets €12,50 at




19:00 - 21:00




Sophie Lindenkamp