Move into your Wild Self

Postponed to Tuesday May 16!


Hello Wild One!

My name is Gerda and since years I’ve been dancing my way through life. It’s only recently I’m finally sharing my passion with others in the form of giving workshops. Right now I’m following a study called Heartdancing and keep on learning and exploring the healing power of movement, dance and expression of the self.

I welcome you to join me for a guided inner journey through dance to find your wild self!
To be your wild self means to fully express your authentic self and that’s unique for each and everyone.

My intention is to set a safe space where we can fully explore and express our authentic self. Through sharing, connecting to ourselves and others and mostly through dance. I hope with this you get to discover your Wild Self in a very joyful and playful way. All of you is welcome, your full authenticity.

Are you ready to fully express yourself? And to meet your wild self?
This workshop is for you if you are feeling the call and excitement to explore the wild one within you!

Get your ticket here:

There are limited spots available so we have enough space to express ourselves.

I’m really looking forward dancing with you!

Much love,




19:00 - 21:00


Gerda Mulder


Gerda Mulder