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Mediflow session: Meditation, Embodiment, Connection

We would like to invite you to join the Mediflow session on Sunday afternoon. The theme for this session is “connection”.

In the business of our day to day lives it can be healing to take time to slow down, breathe, move your body and find the stillness within. From a connected place within ourselves, we can see, meet and connect with the other as well. We will take you on a journey deep within yourself, with the group as your mirror. What does it reflect?

MORE INFO & TICKETShttps://www.mediflow.org/event-details/mediflow-session-may-26

Mediflow is for you if:
* You want to quiet your mind and find stillness within;
* You are curious to learn more about yourself through mindful practices;
* You want to ground and relax your body and move to release stagnant energy;
* You want to explore and connect with your life force energy;
* You feel the longing to open your heart and connect with yourself and others

* Sunday 26th of May from 13:00 until 16:00
* Walk in is at 12:45. The door closes at 13:00. Please be on time!
* Wear comfortable (layered) clothing & bring your own water bottle and notebook, in case you want to write down things during, in between and/or after the day.
* Yoga mats, meditation cushions and blankets are provided.
* The spoken language is English.
* The sessions are for people of all ages and levels of experience.
* There are a maximum of 14 spots available for this series.
* Ellen will be facilitating during this day and will be assisted by Marije.

About Ellen Grondijs: Ellen is a Somatic Therapist (in training), studying Primal Rebirth Therapy® at the Aumm Institute in the Netherlands. Her work focuses on practicing (moving) meditations, embodiment practices, tantra, connection exercises, and breathwork. www.ellengrondijs.com

About Marije Mulder: Marije is an Applied Psychologist (BSc) and Self-Connection Coach. Her mission, as well as her passion, is to help people restore and strengthen the connection with themselves as a way to improve well-being and to find more fulfillment in life. She is familiar with a variety of holistic, mindful and spiritual practices, like meditation, visualization, and energy healing. www.wellconnectedbeing.com

The location: Mediflow sessions take place at EdanZ center in Groningen (city): a center to meet and connect with others & for personal development. As a community of volunteers and entrepreneurs, EdanZ creates a place where everyone is welcome.

EdanZ, Studio 5
Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6 9716 EJ Groningen

MORE INFO & TICKETShttps://www.mediflow.org/event-details/mediflow-session-may-26

We look forward to seeing you there!

With love,

Ellen & Marije




13:00 - 16:00


Mediflow | Ellen & Marije

Mediflow offers a safe space to connect with yourself and each other through meditation, embodiment and connection practices. We welcome you with open arms & an open heart to the Mediflow Community and we look forward to meeting you at our sessions and events! With love, Ellen Grondijs & Marije Mulder Mediflow Facilitators