Mediflow Day: “Connect with your life force energy” | Meditation, Embodiment & Connection

Mediflow Day: Connect with your life force energy 🌻

Connect with your life force energy through the practices of meditation, breathwork, embodiment and conscious connection.

Date: Sunday 3rd of December


  • connect with your life force energy;
  • ground & recharge your energy.
  • deeply connect with yourself & like-minded people;

Breathe in, breathe out…
Connect with your life force energy as you take another deep breath of air. Open the gates in your body to let life move through you. Feel your body recharging, grounding and energizing itself. Your life force energy is here to lead you the way.


Wherever your energy may flow during this day, you are encouraged to let it. Is it moving you inwards? Be with yourself in the moment. Is it moving you outwards? Express yourself!

During the Mediflow Day we will guide you in an exploration of your life force energy. Can you connect with it? Can you let it move through you freely? What is it telling you about yourself and your state of being?

Your energy tells a story. Are you listening?

On this day, we guide you to find stillness through meditation, wake up the life force energy using the breath and by moving your body, and explore your own and other people’s energy through connection exercises.

We welcome you with open arms & an open heart to the Mediflow Community and we look forward to guiding you through a beautiful day!


€50,- early bird (valid until the 31st of October)
€60,- regular
€100,- duo ticket (max. 4)


Reviews previouw Mediflow Days:

”The Mediflow Day was a truly amazing experience for me. The team of facilitators guided us through a variety of practices and very nicely complemented each other with their competences and approaches for healing and personal growth. I really appreciate how a light, humorous and yet professional atmosphere was created where I felt really comfortable to open up towards other participants as well as what was truly going on within me. What was most surprising to me, was that after the whole day I actually felt more energized than in the morning before, something that I rarely experienced in other occasions when spending a whole day in a group. Concluding I can say with all my heart that I can recommend Mediflow for anyone who is seriously interested in personal growth. It’s not often that you find so much value for so little money.”
Hauke, 26

”The Mediflow Day was such a beautiful day! It was filled with exercices on meditation, breathwork, dancing and inquiries! With their knowledge and enthusiasm, Ellen, Jerry & Marije created a safe space for us all to be vulnerable and to express ourselves. We all shared laughter, tears, hugs and good food and I felt so recharged and connected afterwards. Thank you  ”
Alana, 25

”The Mediflow Day was organised with eye for detail and a well fit together build up of the program with different exercises. It was admiring for me to witness the professional teamwork of Ellen, Jerry and Marije. What is full of power when their energies are combined is their ability to create a fun atmosphere to tackle the resistance that can be present in the seriousness of the exercises.
Oh and one of the highlights was the lovely lunch with delicious food that was being served in the break!”
Nathan, 23



Facilitated by Ellen Grondijs & Marije Mulder



  • Walk in is at 10:30. The door closes at 11:00. Please be on time!
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.
  • The spoken language is English.
  • The Mediflow Day are for people of all ages and levels of experience.

There are a maximum of 14 spots available.

You can buy your ticket via


About Mediflow

Mediflow offers a safe space to connect with yourself and each other through meditationembodiment and connection practices.

We welcome you with open arms & an open heart to the Mediflow Community and we look forward to meeting you at our sessions and events!


Who is this for?

  • If you are curious to learn more about yourself through mindful practices;
  • If you want to quiet your mind and ground & relax your body;
  • If you feel the longing to open your heart and connect with yourself and others.


Mediflow session: Every two weeks on Wednesday evening, 19:00-21:30 at Edanz in Groningen (studio 5).

Dates fall 2023:

Mediflow Sessions: 6 sept (intro), 13 sept, 27 sept, 1 nov, 6 dec

Mediflow Series (4 sessions as part of a series, theme ‘flow’): 11 oct, 15 oct, 8 nov, 22 nov

Mediflow Day: December 3



Instagram: @mediflow_org


Or visit our website:




11:00 - 17:30




Mediflow | Ellen & Marije
Mediflow | Ellen & Marije

Mediflow offers a safe space to connect with yourself and each other through meditation, embodiment and connection practices. We welcome you with open arms & an open heart to the Mediflow Community and we look forward to meeting you at our sessions and events! With love, Ellen Grondijs & Marije Mulder Mediflow Facilitators