Introductieweek Herstelacademie | Mindful Student Group

The Mindful Student Group (MSG) provides a safe space for you to be present and to share and connect with peers in a mindful way. You will receive guidance and psychological tools to help you cope with life’s challenges and to help you reconnect with yourself, as a way to find more peace, meaning and fulfillment in life.

Sessions include meditations, creative exercises and sharing. We always work with a theme that is connected to ourselves, the present moment, and the group.

We will come together weekly, on Friday afternoons, 1-3 pm at Studio 5, Edanz, starting on Wednesday 17th February. The group consists of max. 10 (international) students and young adults (18-30 y/o). As a non-student and with the Dutch nationality, you are also very welcome, as long as you can identify with your peers and are comfortable communicating in English. We’d like to see a genuine motivation for joining the sessions.

Trainers: Romi Mol and Marije Mulder

Introduction session: February 3rd 13.00 – 14.00 h (1 – 2 pm)

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13:00 - 14:00
Sedna Herstelacademie


Sedna Herstelacademie
Sedna Herstelacademie bij Edanz

Een herstelacademie biedt ruimte voor je eigen ontwikkeling, voor experiment en voor onderzoek naar jezelf. Er zijn geen pasklare antwoorden: je verkent zelf welke richting jij nu op wilt, wat belangrijk voor je is en wat je ondersteunt. De benadering is positief en gericht op het ontwikkelen van veerkracht en onderlinge ondersteuning.

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