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Intro to Tantra: Conscious Connection

What if deep meditation and human connection go hand in hand?

What if the other is a gateway to profound freedom?

What if you could embrace all your experiences?

In this Intro to Tantra workshop, we dive into the art of conscious connection. According to Tantra, deep connection is found if we learn to say ‘yes’ to our experience and bring them in contact with others. If we stop denying or interfering in what is true to us. If we can ‘let ourselves be’ in contact with another being.

The tradition of Tantra spans over 2500 years. Unlike some spiritual practices that invite practitioners to isolate themselves and exclude certain human experiences like passion, anger and desire, Tantra encourages us to fully engage with life ánd the people around us. When we interact with life, we can get touched by it, and when we let ourselves be touched by life, we can truly grow from experience.

In this workshop, Ruben and Helena (Psychologists, Tantra teachers, and Breathwork facilitators) create a conscious space for you to deepen connection with yourself, learn tools to genuinely be in contact with another without losing yourself, and opening up to the mystery of Life.

Through a variety of guided meditations, communication exercises, and Breathwork, we invite in an embodied understanding of Tantra and connection. If you are curious to learn about this unique and deeply transformative path, we invite you to this Intro to Tantra evening.

Contact us via email or instagram if you have any questions.

With love,
Helena & Ruben


What to bring
* Comfortable clothes
* A water bottle
* Optionally a pen and paper to write

For singles and couples

We welcome you for tea at 18:45, we start the welcome meditation at 19:00
Price: €40,-

Sign up here: https://hipsy.nl/shop/51468-intro-to-tantra-conscious-connection




19:00 - 22:00


Helena en Ruben