Ecstatic Dance GRN

We warmly welcome you to explore dance and movement!
Ecstatic Dance; a unique dance experience

In a 2,5 h journey we dance and move freely, however you wish to move. Fast, slow, expressive, inward, together or alone.
The DJ will take you on a journey through different worlds.

There is no form, we just dance. Shoeless, speechless and booze’less! Together we create a space full of energy, where everyone feels safe to explore, express & enjoy to a natural state of ecstasy.

Welcome at Ecstatic Dance Groningen.
Check out our website to learn more about Ecstatic Dance and our dance community in Groningen.

Our doors open at 19.00h
Ceremony starts at 19.30h
Ecstatic Dance set from 20-22.00h
Doors close at 20.00h
We will close our dance at 22.00h

Additional info:
– No refunds. You can sell your ticket to another dancer though (Facebook community)
– No rescheduling of sessions
– Vitalised water and tea is served during the event. Bring your own cup / bottle to have minimum waste of cups






19:00 - 22:00