Ecstatic Dance

Happy tunes, strong beats, slow jams, crazy rhythms,
soft melodies,
great vibes, intense silences, …..: we have it all!
We warmly welcome you to explore dance and movement.

We are back with the Sunday Morning Dance!!
Experience waking up with the Ecstatic family!
We warmly welcome you to explore dance and movement.
Check out our website to learn more about Ecstatic Dance.

Time schedule
Our doors open at 10.00h
Ceremony starts at 10.30h
Doors close at 11.00h
We will close our dance at 13.00h

Tickets are available:
Tickets are limited and registration is necessary. Please buy your ticket asap so we will have enough team members ready to receive you.
See you on the dance floor!

Ecstatic Dance Groningen is a blooming and lively tribe that welcomes every body! We dance at least twice a month with various extraordinary DJs to guide us through our dance journey. Ecstatic Dance is a unique dance experience.  In a 2,5 h journey we dance and move freely, however you wish to move. Fast, slow, expressive, inward, together or alone. The DJ will take you on a journey through different worlds. There is no form, we just dance. Shoeless, Speechless and Booze’less! Together we create a space full of energy, where everyone feels safe to explore, express & enjoy to a natural state of ecstasy.

The dance starts with a short introduction of our guidelines and some exercises to warm up the body, to connect with yourself and the others in the room. The 2 hour dance journey is lead by an experienced Ecstatic Dance DJ. The set will have several waves; moving from meditative sounds into strong rhythms and expressive music, just as the flows of life! We end the journey together with a short closing ceremony.

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

• Move however you wish.
• Barefeet dancing.
• No talking, instead communicating through dance.
• Respect yourself and one another.

Ecstatic Dance is a drug & alcohol free space. Leave your valuables at home and please also refrain from photo’s, video’s & strong scents.






10:00 - 13:00


Ecstatic dance Groningen