Dynamic Sound Journey

Come as you are and let yourself be carried by the live music!

“I felt the vibration of the live music in my body. For the first time I dared to make sounds myself along with the music. It was so pure, thank you!”

This Sound Journey is an evening to immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of modern soundscapes, combined with the pure vibrations of guitar, vocals, and cello bringing liberating crescendos!

This is a dynamic experience as the musicians and participants are in a close connection, we listen to you as you listen to us. Together we share a dance of sounds and movement. During the whole evening you can meditate, move, sound, and breathe along with this experience to sink in deeper into yourself and shift into a state of openness and togetherness.

Helena Igel will be holding space during the processes for you to fully surrender. We open the evening with a grounding meditation, setting intentions and some bodywork to drop into yourself. To round off, we take another intentional moment to close together.

We invite you in this unique celebration of the senses and unlocking the doors to freedom.

With love,

Helena, Ruben and Vincent

* Bring comfortable clothes
* The Sound Journey will be without words
* Doors open 18:45 for tea, the opening meditation starts at 19:00
If you have any questions, feel free to write us: mail@integratedtantra.com




19:00 - 22:00


Helena Igel