Core – Men circle – Community Event

Let’s sit down with men and share some questions…
How do I really want to connect?
How do I want my relationship and sexuality to be like?
Who do I want to be?
And is this where I’m going?

There is more to life than rushing around and following the path that others plan out. There is more to being a man than bragging, competition and distance. There is more to contact than superficiality.

With the Core Circle of NeverLost we share a space of openness with men to explore our truth and purpose. Starting right where we are at the moment – cheerful, lost, playful or sad. The key lies not in becoming more, but acknowledging and embracing what is. That’s when you can start looking forward to what you deeply want from life.

In sharing rounds and various exercises, you reconnect with your core values and explore what you need to bring them into action. And we support each other on this path, with joy, vulnerability and connection.

Want to go back to your core?
Depending on the week.

  • Where: Edanz in Studio 3 (Van Oldenbarneveltlaan 6, Groningen)
  • When: Every second Monday from 19:00-21:00
  • Sign in: reserve your place here

Single ticket € 9,75 or € 7,80 for students or anyone with low income.

€ 9,75 of met gereduceerd tarief € 7,80 (voor studenten, stadjerspashouders en minima)

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19:00 - 21:00




Gerard Verver
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