Breathe for Being

Dear one ❤

Since the first edition in March was wonderful and amazing, we are thrilled to invite you to another ‘Breathe for Being’ session! 💫🌬

Do you find it challenging to feel at peace with yourself, be happy and joyful about the simple (f)act of being alive? Come, breathe and be with us in the safe and sacred space we create for you to connect deeply with the true beauty that resides inside of you. ✨💖

The tools that come to play and practice in the workshop are breathwork and consent communication.

Breathwork is a powerful tool that helps the practitioner to connect deeply with the body and see what is there when the busy mind is more silent. The ancient Latin word ‘Spiritus’ means both ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’. The breath is the bridge between body and mind. Breathwork alters the state of being on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

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How does it work?
We use a conscious connected way of deep breathing that brings in more oxygen into the cells of the body. This method activates and regulates your autonomic nervous system. The daily interplay of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system gets more into balance and harmony. There’s a reduction of the often times over-stimulated sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight state. Meanwhile the parasympathetic nervous system is increased, which is the state of rest and digest.

Benefits of breathwork:
– improved immune system
– reduced stress
– improved emotional management
– sharpened focus and clarity
– increased experience of joy and contentment
– enriched personal and professional relationships
– enhanced confidence and trust in life
– healed trauma

What is consent?
Consent is what we ask and give in everyday and -night life. Often times we do this without much conscious thought about it. Consent communication is much more than asking and giving permission in relation to sex. In the workshop we practice being more aware of what you do and do not want. More awareness and clear communication about consent enriches and empowers you.

Do you dare to ask for something, someone or a certain experience that want?

See the short video ‘Tea and consent’ on YouTube to get a sense of the great importance of communication about consent :

The language spoken is English or Dutch and the workshop is both master and beginner -friendly. 💓

Please take the following into account when participating:
– wear comfortable clothing 👕
– bring pen&paper 📝
– bring a water bottle 🍶
– have an empty stomach (no food before 2-3hrs)
– schedule some free time for yourself afterwards 🕒
– arrive 5-10 mins in advance @Studio 10 📍

Contraindications for breathwork:
– Aneurysms
– Asthma (please bring your inhaler)
– Cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities including prior heart attack
– Detached Retina
– Epilepsy
– Glaucoma
– High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication
– History of strokes or seizures
– Osteoporosis
– Pregnancy
– Prescription blood thinning medications (i.e. Coumadin)
– Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia (prior diagnosis by a health professional)
– Hospitalization for a psychiatric condition or emotional crisis (last 10 yrs)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns; please reach out to one of us! Also when money is an obstacle in your desire to breathe and be together this evening.

We are very much looking forward to be with you❤

In love and gratitude,
Bas & Nathan

Bas van der Tang

Nathan Rajac de Vries (under construction)




18:00 - 21:00


Nathan Rajac


Nathan Rajac