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A Healing Arts Temple Weekend – Sierra Levy (za&zo)

A Healing Arts Temple Weekend
June 8th and 9th, 10-17:00, including vegan lunch.

You are welcome to join our Healing-Arts-Temple for a wonderful healing weekend with energy medicine, energy psychology, and Tantra. Come meet other enthusiastic people who are desiring to evolve into the best version of themself. Come learn and practice the healing arts for yourself, your friends, your family, your community and the world.

Learn how to Resonate with your Highest Truth and Bliss with The Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing ® Map and Enlightenment Tantra™ for ensuring you are connected to Your Highest Light in all-ways for sacred impulses, intuition and guidance beyond societal conditioning, trauma-based responses and programming you received from a place of powerlessness. Get in touch with, recognize and regularly attune with Your Authentic Yes. Show up for your most expanded, resourceful, aware, empowered, loving life as a present moment to moment constantly fulfilling meditation.

Come and learn Body-Mind-Spirit Energy Clearing and Healing from a world renowned expert who has practiced for over 30 years and lived in India for the last 4 years.

* Learn how to start accessing answers from your Highest Self.
* Start tapping into feeling and living your Truth.
* Learn how to read energy
* Explore Healing Touch
* Learn how to run Healing Energy and Light through your body, your hands, your eyes and your heart.
* Increase your sensitivity to subtle sensations and awareness
* Let go of emotional garbage, shame, guilt and fear and learn how to operate from and Unify (Tantra) with your Highest Self
* Become more aligned with your Authentic True Self

To tap into your Best, Highest, and Greatest self, we will also be exploring:

* Chakra clearing
* Healing Energy Meridians
* Peeling off stagnant energy
* The aura
* Customized treatments for those in the room


More about Dr. Sierra:

Dr. Sierra is the creator of the trademarked meta-healing arts system Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing® and Enlightenment Tantra™. Dr. Sierra skillfully balances the ancient mystical Tantric, Native American, and Taoist lineages with modern day science and knowledge.

Dr. Sierra has also had the honor and pleasure to assist people healing all over the world, and the privilege to facilitate at international Tantra festivals about: Enlightenment, Resonance Therapy® and Resonance Healing®; Enlightenment Tantra™; Heart-Healing; Love; Sacred Anatomy; Sacred Divine Healing Touch and Massage; Sacred Sexuality; Kundalini; Shaktipat (Appropriate Kundalini Activation); Releasing Trauma; The Physiology of Love and Bliss (Ananda); Orgasmic States; and Oneness.

Remarkably, in the “One World Tantra” event, Dr. Sierra was recognized and introduced as “one of the most knowledgeable people who is deeply connected to the Universe, with the ability to connect to the worlds beyond sight and sound and touch and hearing, with having an innate ability to connect in to the deepest parts of The Universe and allow people to really feel that part of their heart that is connected to that as well.” This introduction also acknowledged Dr. Sierra as being the most amazing medical intuitive they had ever met, and an encyclopedia Britannia on energy and spirituality.

Dr. Sierra’s deep ecstasy is to assist with bringing everyone more understanding, contentment, peace, bliss, joy and ecstasy. Dr. Sierra’s hope is that everyone will have the opportunity to live full, authentic, present, fully embodied, awakened, ecstatic, blissful, healthy, whole lives. With all of Dr. Sierra’s heart and Soul, Dr. Sierra has a burning eternal fire to share a path of enlightenment, awakening, health, wisdom and understanding.

Dr. Sierra can be reached on: www.instagram.com/sierra_l_levy and WhatsApp +1-503-805-7480


08 - 09-06-2024


10:00 - 17:00

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